Leverage The Capabilities
of A Digital Bank

Eazzy API is a platform that features new and disruptive capabilities. It converts Equity’s full range of expertise in payments, banking, insurance, brokerage, wealth management and telco into simple to use and secure APIs for ready integrations to mobile apps, e-commerce sites and other systems.

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The Ultimate Toolkit
For Businesses

Eazzy API leverages off Equity’s robust technical capabilities and dominance in payments by exposing merchant payment tills services, mature payment and open payment APIs to all the mobile wallets, banks, debit and credit card association, social media, Loans, bulk transfers, real time forex and stocks prices and much more. A large number of businesses are now building their marketplace and internal financial processes using Eazzy APIs.


For Developers and Solution Provider

We appreciate the problem is often not the What (problem you are trying to solve) but the How (tools at your disposal to produce a solution fast). At the heart of our API platform is building simple and elegant code for developers to implement anywhere. Eazzy API creates simple code that help you reduce the total cost of integrations, mature UI/UX and shared prosperity low transaction cost backend processing.

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Start building your integration. Take a tour, assess our various APIs and view the API docs to guide you on how to get started. In addition, access our sandbox to test drive our APIs.


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