Eazzy API is a platform that features new and disruptive capabilities. It converts Equity Bank’s full range of expertise in payments, banking, insurance, brokerage, wealth management and telco into simple to use and secure APIs for ready integrations to mobile apps, e-commerce sites and other systems.

The Eazzy API designed to be simple and intuitive - based on widely accepted standards and conventions, including REST, JSON, as well as HTTP success and error codes.

To access Eazzy API, please visit https://developers.equitybankgroup.com and register for an account.

Provide your details in the form provided and accept the Terms of Service to create an account. You can then navigate to the My Apps page and create an app, selecting the products that you would like to use from the APIs that we have available on our platform.

Once your app has been created, you will obtain a Consumer Key and Consumer Secret.

You can browse all the available APIs that we have to offer by visiting http://developers.equitybankgroup.com/apis. The APIs have been categorised by function (for example, all resources related to payments are listed under the Transaction API).

Don't see the API that you would like to use? Please email us at API@equitybank.co.ke with the subject line 'API Request' and we will consider your request.

Nothing! You can register and open an account, obtain an evaluation API key, and access documentation and user forums for free. Once you have tested your application and determined it is ready for full-scale production you can contact us on API@equitybank.co.ke with the subject line 'User Acceptance Testing' and our team will assist you with getting test and production API keys, as well as estimating the cost of using our APIs in production mode.

No. Our Sandbox is available for anyone to use, provided you have created an account here on the Developer Portal. 

Once you have tested your application and determined that you would like to integrate with our test or live environments, contact API@equitybank.co.ke with the subject line 'User Acceptance Testing' and our team will guide you further.

Production users are informed of new changes via email and given time to respond and react if necessary.

You can visit our Forum and look at the other posts to see if your question has already been asked - you may find the answer there already! If not, feel free to make a post. Note that all posts will be reviewed by a moderator before being displayed.

When using any of the APIs currently available, you will be required to supply an authorization token by navigating to APIs > Identity API > Get Merchant Access Token

Use the form provided to generate a token for the Sandbox environment.

Under the header, select application/x-www-form-urlencoded and use ‘user’ as username, ‘pass’ as password and ‘password’ in grant_type. Click on ‘Set’ on the HTTP Basic button and enter your consumer key and secret in the popup form provided. Hit ‘send this request’ to submit. 

When your app is ready to be integrated with our test and live environments, send an email to API@equitybank.co.ke with the subject line 'User Acceptance Testing' and the Bank will provide you with test and production merchant credentials for you to use.

In the response tab below the form, you will be able to see if your request was successful.

The Sandbox itself is designed to give you a feel for the APIs and the intended behavior you should expect once you have promoted your application to be integrated with our test or live environments. With this in mind, any parameters you pass in the ‘username’ and ‘password’ fields in the Sandbox are accepted.

To give you an example, in the image below you’ll see the values ‘abcde’ and ‘fghijk’ have been entered for the username and password fields respectively.


The purpose of the merchant credentials (referred to as the username and password in the API above) is to allow you to be identified within our backend systems when you’re using Equity Bank's test and live environments. To use any of the other APIs we require that instead of having to pass this username and password each time, you generate an access token that can be used (using the OAuth 2 protocol).

This access token is created using a combination of your username and password, as well as your Consumer Key and Secret. For additional security, the access token that you generate has a short lifespan and will need to be regenerated if your session expires.

You can read more information about OAuth using the following URL: https://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc6749

As you can see from the response in the image above, this passed successfully and a Bearer token was generated.

For example, if you wanted to get the payment status for a transaction, all you need to do in the Sandbox is pass the transactionId (54 as you can see in blue below) and the Bearer token created above:

As you can see, it returns some dummy values to give you an idea of the response you should expect to get back from the API.


You should keep your Consumer Key and Secret to yourself and ensure that you do not share it with anyone outside your organization, as it remains as a unique identifier for your application to be authorized – even while using the Sandbox with mock data.

When you are interacting with our test or live environments as well, you have to also ensure that you do not share your merchant username and password credentials.

When you are confident that your code integrates well with our Sandbox, you can reach out to us on API@equitybank.co.ke with the subject line ‘User Acceptance Testing’ and share details about your app. Our team will get in touch with you and walk you through how to start integrating with our test environment.